Announcing… Spring 2023!


Here we go again, directly resisting the too-early holiday advertising by skipping right to something that’s even farther away: our Spring 2023 releases! But that’s the thing about publishing. While everyone else is doing their best to live in the moment, we’re constantly looking months ahead.

And no wonder, because 2023 is going to be another great year at Conundrum. We’re kicking it off in March with an expanded paperback edition of Nina Bunjevac’s groundbreaking work, Heartless. Bunjevac has come to be recognized as one of the world’s most important comic artists, With this new paperback edition featuring new stories and drawings, one of the world’s most important comic artists returns to her roots and shows why she is considered a master of the form.

In April, we’ve got Moon Boots, a gently humorous new graphic novel by Lorenz Peter. Following a major life upheaval, Lester LaFleur decides to leave the city for good, and
sets out on a road trip that features plenty of music, nostalgia, and found family.

May is always a big month for releases and 2023 is no exception. We can’t wait for you to read Kyle Vingoe-Cram’s ambitious debut graphic, Kettle Harbour, in which a young artist reunites with her beloved cousin and his husband in the small town where they spent formative summers, unearthing pieces of the past and upending their lives.

We’re also thrilled to be publishing Chris W Kim’s dreamy third graphic novel, Adherent, a poignant fable about a woman who leaves her isolated community to search for the author of a recently discovered notebooks—a journey that ultimately makes her question what she wants and what she’s willing to leave behind.

Also in May, we’re publishing two new Conundrum25 titles: Partum Me by Natalie Pendergast and Post-Modern Mini-Comics by Colin Upton.

In Partum Me, which began as a Julie Doucet tribute comic but quickly veered towards new directions, Pendergast shares candid and memorable moments as a mom(-to-be)—and reveals that having dignity can be messy, gritty and pure.

Post-Modern Mini-Comics is a celebration of Upton’s long history of ground-breaking work in alternative comics and a rare collection of autobiographical work.

Can’t wait to order? You don’t have to! Simply preorder directly from our website by clicking the links above, or place a special order at your favourite local book or comic shop.