Collier’s Popular Press

David Collier


This book collects Canadian cartoonist David Collier’s work published over the last 30 years in various publications such as: The National Post, The Nerve, The Globe and Mail, The Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Geist magazine, The Comics Journal, and many more. With new introductions by the artist himself and plenty of added ephemera, this is the volume that Collier completists have been waiting for.

Introduction by Jeet Heer: “In the single panel strips, notably the Saskatoon Sketches and the 24 Simcoe Street strip Collier did for the National Post, the drawings are deployed in the service of anecdotes. Each individual strip might seem slight but as you read them they add up to a quirky autobiography. It’s a mistake to read these single panels in the spirit of The Family Circus or Marmaduke, expecting a big laugh. Rather you have to look at each one as a snapshot of a day’s event, a diary entry in cartoon form.”

Publication Details

Trade paperback
Pages: 208
November 2011