Alison McCreesh


Sometimes Google doesn’t have all the answers.

Alison McCreesh is on the Russian leg of a circumpolar journey, family in tow, when she discovers a lump in her breast. Worried about the possibilities and concerned about navigating an unfamiliar healthcare system, McCreesh turns to Google for reassurance, but finds none. Reluctantly, she embarks on a new excursion—to find a doctor and a diagnosis in the town she’s visiting. As a local guide escorts her from place to place with only the sparsest of explanations, McCreesh’s anxiety mounts.

Petrozavodsk is an intimate look at what it’s like to be vulnerable in a place where you don’t know the language or the protocols—tinged with McCreesh’s trademark humour and heart.

About the Author

Over the past decade, Alison McCreesh has extensively travelled around the Arctic and sub-Arctic and contemporary day-to-day life in the north is a theme that carries through her creative work. Alison currently lives in Yellowknife where she creates comics and illustrations surrounded by dogs and small children.

About Conundrum 25

CONUNDRUM 25, a landmark series of gem-like volumes, presents masters of the graphic short story form at work in a range of styles. From precious rediscoveries to gender-playful fictions, fabular futurism to uncanny imaginings, there are stories by a new generation of Conundrum artists alongside classics of the form. Bringing together past, present, and future in our 25th year and beyond, CONUNDRUM 25 is a celebratory compendium of collectable work.

Publication Details

ISBN: 978-177262-066-5
126 pages, 4.25 x 6.25 inches
b&w, trade paper
October 2021