Graeme Shorten Adams


Where will Galen Toews wake up next?

When Galen Toews collapses in the subway station, she immediately draws a crowd. As she lies on the platform, semi-conscious, faint murmurings of concern mingle with half-remembered voices from earlier spells. Before too long, Galen regains full consciousness and shuffles slowly out of station. A man follows her, urging her to sit down and rest. But Galen wanders away, following breadcrumbs of memory back to a time when the spells were just beginning—and there was still hope that someone, somewhere, might be able to explain what’s happening to her.

In Spells, Graeme Shorten Adams guides readers on a surreal journey through memory, consciousness, and medical mystery.

About the Author

Graeme Shorten Adams was born in Toronto. He has sporadically put out comics since 2015, both self-published and in anthologies, as well as forays into writing and illustration. Some of his work has appeared in the Quebec comics anthology Planches and in the climate change anthology Warmer, edited by Andrew White and Madeleine Witt. He currently lives in Montreal.

About Conundrum 25

CONUNDRUM 25, a landmark series of gem-like volumes, presents masters of the graphic short story form at work in a range of styles. From precious rediscoveries to gender-playful fictions, fabular futurism to uncanny imaginings, there are stories by a new generation of Conundrum artists alongside classics of the form. Bringing together past, present, and future in our 25th year and beyond, CONUNDRUM 25 is a celebratory compendium of collectable work.

Publication Details

ISBN: 978-177262-064-1
126 pages, 4.25 x 6.25 inches
b&w, trade paper
October 2021