Book Launch: The Field

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Join us on April 23rd from 6-8pm at the Lillian H Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library for the much-anticipated launch of The Field, a groundbreaking graphic memoir by Toronto artist Dave Lapp.

Step into the nostalgic haze of a 1970s summer as Dave Lapp takes us on a journey through the pages of his latest work. The Field isn’t just a memoir—it’s a poignant exploration of childhood complexities and the bittersweet truths that lie beyond the veil of nostalgia.

In The Field, Dave and his friend Edward navigate the twists and turns of a small town on the brink of change. As developers unearth new secrets in a nearby field, Dave and Edward find themselves embarking on a summer of discovery, filled with hidden wonders and unexpected challenges. While the adults in town grapple with their own struggles, the children are left to their own devices, roaming freely through the field and delving into its mysteries. From collecting caterpillars to nursing a fascination with matches, every moment is a chance for adventure. But when a new friend, Jack, enters the picture, Dave’s world is turned upside down. With a mean streak that threatens to disrupt everything, Jack’s arrival sets off a chain of events that will leave Dave questioning his place in the world.

The evening will include a presentation, book signing, and live interview between Dave Lapp and Chester Brown, who called The Field “a masterpiece.”

“Lapp succeeds in providing a memorable perspective on the wonder, cruelty, confusion, misery, and joy of a childhood spent largely independently.” –Kirkus Reviews 


April 23
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Lillian H Smith – Toronto Public Library

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