Introducing… Our Fall 2023 Line-Up!


Graphic novel fans, we’ve got a great fall list for you. There’s new work from Sonja Ahlers (Swan Song), the much-anticipated sequel to Langosh and Peppi: Fugitive Days, a chilling new Emanata title by debut artist Christopher Twin, and a dark and soapy new graphic novel by Ivana Filipovich. Plus we’ve got three(!) new Conundrum25 pocketbooks by Xiaoxiao Li, Blaise Moritz, and Rupert Bottenberg to add to your growing collection.

First up is Classification Crisis by Sonja Ahlers, an important survey of artist Sonja Ahlers’ 30-year career, published on the occasion of a major exhibition at the Richmond Art Gallery in British Columbia in 2023. While the first half of the publication documents this exhibition, the second half of the publication is a substantial new book-length collage work by Ahlers—a book within a book titled Rabbit-Hole.

Next on our list is Bad Medicine by Christopher Twin, a young adult horror title featuring linked short stories inspired by Cree folklore and modern Cree life. Join the teens of Loon River as they share their scariest stories of spirits and shapeshifters in this chilling debut graphic novel. Stephen Graham Jones (The Only Good Indians) is already a fan: “Bad Medicine’s about as good as medicine can get — stories with blood on the ground, sure, but a lot left in the heart, too.”

In What’s Fear Got to Do With It by Ivana Filipovich, readers spend a single dangerous evening in the Richmond Night Market with Eva, Mia, and their boyfriend, Max—a highly respected member of the city’s criminal underground with a fearsome reputation. What’s Fear Got to Do With It peels back the layers of human relationships and reveals that everything is not as it seems. (Nina Bunjevac likes it too: “Ivana’s line is masterfully fluid, as are her dialogues. This book feels like a mild psychedelic trip – I loved every minute of it!”)

The last full-length graphic novel coming this fall is Hot to Trot by Veronica Post, the second book in the Langosh, Peppi, and Yeva trilogy. In Hot to Trot, Langosh and Yeva embark on an epic journey across America and discover that old wounds—and differing personal experiences—have begun to threaten their close-knit friendship.

Influenced by Jillian Tamaki, Kate Beaton and Guy Delisle, Veronica Post examines how we respond to structual harm, the power and limitations of personal agency and the divide between individual freedoms and collective responsibility.


Last but not least: our Fall 2023 Conundrum25 titles! 

In September, we’ve got two exciting additions to the Conundrum25 collection of pocketbooks: Between Gentlemen by Rupert Bottenberg and Bar Delicious by Blaise Moritz. The former is a playful examination of the comics form by the founder of Montreal Comic Art Jams, and the latter is a meditation on consumption and desire in the context of the contemporary late capitalist and technological system by an award-winning poet and artist.

In October, we’ll be publishing Only a Slender Internal Connection by Xiaoxiao Li, a short, fascinating graphic memoir that provides an account of the dreams Li described in a series of counselling sessions.


What? Even more good news? 

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